CrossFit Apparel: Guide to Buying at the Best Price

If you have recently started CrossFit , you may have noticed a distinct style in the clothing that people wear in the gym. In this article, I will try to explain the best options you have on the market.


For 10 years, they were the only brand that could use the term CrossFit on their products because they had the exclusivity. These rights were transferred to NOBULL in 2021.

Many athletes have been the image of this brand, the most famous of which are Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir.

Although Reebok is no longer an official sponsor of the sport, it is still closely associated with CrossFit and continues to make products for the sport in its line: Cross-training


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  • It is one of the brands that offers the most and frequent discounts during the season. If you do not need to go to the last, you can buy more economical.
  • Free returns online. 60 days.


  • It can be difficult to get the right size depending on the design of each garment. In the same way that there are brands that you know you will always get right if you can always size up, here it is difficult. In general, the sizes are large, but there are many exceptions.
reebok crossfit clothing

The most successful product is its trainers. The Nanos for WODs and Lifter for weightlifting.

Under Armour

The best-known CrossFit athlete representing the brand is James Newbury.

If you like to train with compression garments,they are the ones with the largest supply. 


  • Classic design, neutral colors, clothes that never go out of style.
  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • High quality garments.
  • Free shipping on orders over 60€.
  • 60 days return policy


  • It is not an economical brand if you buy at full price. If you have flexibility in the sales, you can make a good buy.
under armour crossfit


Nike has been the "other" CrossFit brand for years. It seemed like the only option for those who didn't like training with Reebok.

And while there are more choices now, it is still one of the most represented brands in the pits.

Curious noteIn the 2015 Games all athletes were required to wear Reebok-supplied apparel and were strictly prohibited from using the Nike brand.

In protest, Nike drove trucks to the gates of the StubHub Center stadium in Los Angeles, where the Games were being held with a clear message: "Don't ban our shoe, beat our shoe.".

nike crossfit games ban

Since then, all athletes have been required to wear Reebok apparel at the Games.

For the first time, in 2019, the athletes were allowed to wear the sneakers of their choice, regardless of the brand they were. It was the beginning of the end of exclusivity in spite of the fact that they still had to wear Reebok apparel.

Mat Fraser has been a Nike-sponsored athlete for much of his career. Undoubtedly, being the athlete with the most CrossFit titles has helped to position the brand in this sport.

Nike is the place where you can find the widest varietywhen it comes to choosing training clothes, and they also have a specific Cross Training section.


  • It continues to be one of the most liked brands in their designs. Great variety of garments, comfortable and quality.
  • It has a uniform pattern guide, which means that if you always wear M, you will most likely get it right if you buy online.
  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • 30 days for free returns if you are a Member.


  • It is not an economical brand.
nike crossfit clothing

Its flagship product among crossfitters is its shoes. Metcon for WODs and Savaleos and Romaleos for weightlifting.


It is an American sportswear brand.

I personally like it because it is one of the most comfortable designs.


  • Wide waistband that does not dig in.
  • Ideal fit, you don't have to be constantly repositioning them.
  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • "Squat proof" pass the test of the squat without the underwear showing through.
  • Wide variety of designs: leggings, shorts, joggers, tops, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, sweaters...
  • Short, tight-fitting tops, very flattering. In my case, with a big chest, it's hard for me to find sport shirts that I like the way they fit.


  • The price, although it depends on what we compare it with. A full price Nike pants can cost you that or more. The quality is paid. Some pants are around $70 which right now is practically 70€.
  • Although there is a section of medium/high support sports tops, if you really need high support they will not do the job.
  • They only have women's clothing.
  • If you are outside the United States, there is an additional 10% import tax.
FLEO clothing
FLEO CrossFit
Fleo crossfit logo

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Announced as the new official sponsor of the 2021 CrossFit Games. As such, they are the only ones who can use the CrossFit brand on their apparel.

This has increased awareness and interest in the brand.

At the same time, she was heavily criticized for being far less financially accessible than her previous brand, Reebok.


  • You won't feel like you're going out of style because the clothes follow such a minimalist line that you can't tell what season they're from.


  • Little variety of designs.
  • It is the most expensive brand of all. Besides, they don't make big offers for sales or black friday...


It is the newest CrossFit apparel brand.

It has started to become popular thanks to its sneakers, and little by little they are developing a clothing line, although the clothes are just beginning to be seen.

The sports brand established years ago in the world of swimming, has entered strongly in CrossFit since 2021 began sponsoring athletes such as: Patrick Vellner, Gui Malleiros, Noah Olsen... and recently the Spanish Elena Carratalá and Fabian Beneito

In 2023 the Wodapalooza became TYR Wodapalooza.

CrossFit clothing for women

The bra is a garment that needs to be properly selected to be useful in training and not be an uncomfortable element. Find out how to choose the right bra according to the impact of the sport and the size of your breasts.

Tips for choosing CrossFit pants

When choosing pants, keep in mind that we sometimes do activities such as rope climbing and weightlifting that can damage the shins if they are exposed.

If you don't want to wear tights in summer, it's a good idea to wear some sort of protection such as high socks or knee pads down to the ankles.

Many girls find shorts that wrinkle up uncomfortable.

I use these from cycling court that protect the inner thighs to avoid uncomfortable chafing. It also has a very soft fabric and the waist is thick so it does not dig into that area.

prozis crossfit clothing
women's crossfit shorts

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