Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir is one of the best-known CrossFit athletes at the international level. He won the CrossFit Games twice (2011 and 2012) and was runner-up in 2010 and 2014.

Annie has earned herself to the public with her positive attitude and smiling face at all times.

The Icelandic woman starred in one of the most memorable moments of the first years of Games competition. In 2009, the athlete managed to do her first ring muscle up in the middle of a wod under the cheers and euphoria of the public at the Ranch.

Biography of Annie Thorisdottir

Date of birth: September 18, 1989
Place of birth: Reykjavik, Iceland
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 69 kg
Instagram: @anniethorisdottir
Affiliate: CrossFit Reykjavik

Annie is the youngest of three children. In Iceland they follow the tradition of naming their children after their fathers. Her father is Thor Magnison and her surname is constructed as: Thoris (father) + dottir (daughter of).

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After 8 years as a gymnast, ballet and pole vaulter, Annie moved to CrossFit in 2009.



She is invited to participate in the individual category of the Rogue Invitational 2022. She is sponsored by ROGUE.

CrossFit Games 2022

The CrossFit Reykjavik team finishes in 4th position and fails to reach the podium.

annie thorisdottir team

Quarterfinals and Semifinals

They are 4th in the Quarterfinals in Europe and qualify for the Games at the Semifinal of Lowlands where they won all the events.

CrossFit Reykjavik Team

She forms a super team with several athletes who travel to Iceland in order to meet the eligibility criteria.

The athletes are: Lauren Fisher, Tola Morakinyo and Khan Porter.


CrossFit Games 2021

After only 1 year of becoming a mother, she surprises everyone by achieving a third place at the CrossFit Games 2021.

thorisdottir crossfit games 2021
Annie third at Games 2021

She becomes the first athlete to achieve this feat and also the first mother to stand on the podium since 2013.

In a post-event interview Thorisdottir stated:

"I've probably had one of the hardest years of my life, but I've also had one of the best years of my life at the same time."

Then looked at the audience and added:

"I'm sorry I'm crying. I'm very happy right now."

Postpartum depression

Annie writes a letter in Morning Chalk Up to explain in detail how she is doing since becoming a mother in August 2020.

In the story she talks about her postpartum depression, a topic that is not usually talked about publicly. The athlete shares her experiences with the aim of getting out of depression and helping other mothers in a similar situation.


Did not compete in the Games final day

The Games of 2019 will be remembered for one of the the most bizarre games in history.

The events were somewhat different from "traditional CrossFit" if there is such a thing as "traditional CrossFit" and were also elimination events. Event number 6 "sprints" was the cut for the Icelander and her Games experience was reduced to 2 days of competition.

Had to withdraw in 2015 due to heat stroke

This was one of the hardest moments that the athlete has experienced in her professional career.

On the second day of competition at the 2015 CrossFit Games, athletes were performing the famous Murph in the middle of the day in California's high temperatures.

Annie thorisdottir abandonment 2015

Annie, who had never been in a similar situation before, refused medical assistance in an act of bravery to make it look like everything was fine. The athlete who had trouble standing insisted that she did not need help walking.

The dehydration was such that Annie required medical assistance and it was necessary to inject 2.5 liters intravenously to rehydrate her. Despite this, she finished the events of the same day but in positions below the TOP 15.

That Saturday, Annie wanted to compete again, forgetting the heat stroke she had suffered. However, her body had not recovered, and she was not in her best condition to continue competing. It was at that moment that her technical team decided to announce her withdrawal.

Injury in 2013

A back injury forced her to take a year off in 2013.

Annie's track record

She is one of the most successful athletes in CrossFit.

202218ª4th Teams

CrossFit Reykjavik

Annie owns of one of the largest boxes in the world. CrossFit Reykjavik, according to some people who have been there, there you'll find all the equipment you could wish for.

It has a warm-up area separate from the WOD area. It also has another room dedicated to practicing technique. According to Annie, it is a way to be able to do several classes and for the users to have a more personalized attention.

Annie Thorisdottir's husband

Frederik Aegidius is Annie's current partner and husband. Born in Denmark he moved to New York to further his fitness career. They both now live in Iceland.

In August 2020 they became parents to Frya.

husband of annie thorisdottir
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