Patrick Vellner

A very good friend of Brent Fikowski. We got to know them both better as CrossFit athletes in 2106 when they both stood on the podium representing Canada.


Patrick worked as a chiropractor in Toronto, Canada before moving to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada. There he practices part-time as a doctor of chiropractic in an interdisciplinary clinic.

Age: 33
Place of birth: Red Deer, Canada
Residence: Nanaimo, Vancouver
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 88 kg
Instagram: @pvellner
Programming: Deka Comp

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ROGUE Invitational

He repeats as winner of the ROGUE Invitational, a competition he won in 2020, although that edition was 100% online.

Vellner was top 5 in 5 events and top 10 in 3 others. His worst position was 13th in the first event. Nth comeback of the Canadian.

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vellner rogue invitational 2023

CrossFit Games 2023

He started the competition with a 27th position in the first event. As usual, Pat went from strength to strength, winning the INTERVALS event and 2nd in the Parallel-bar pull.

He finished in 2nd place, something he had achieved in 2021 and 2018.

vellner crossfit games 2023

North America West Semifinal

Proclaimed winner of the Semifinal North America West and receives his invitation to the CrossFit Games.

Patrick Vellner has us used to great comebacks. He won 2 events (5 and 7) and top 10 in the rest except in the first one, where he was 15th.

Wodapalooza 2023

Patrick Vellner participated both in the individual category and in the team of three together with his compatriots. Brent Fikowski and Jeffrey Adler.

In individual he was unable to defend the title he won in 2023. He managed to finish 3rd behind Roman Khrennikovand the winner, Ricky Garard.

As a team, PB & J (Patrick Brent and Jeffrey) won the team competition. Vellner and Khrennikov achieved 2 podiums in the same weekend.

Fikowski, adler and vellner crossfit


CrossFit Games 2022

6th in CrossFit Games 2022.

He considers himself satisfied for having finished the competition and having given his all.

However, he was disappointed to have finished 6th, although he understands that many athletes with whom he shared the track would change for him. He admits to having had some mistakes and plans to work on them to get back to the position he desires.

Atlas Games

Finishes in second place to qualify for the CrossFit Games 2022


10th open in which he participates and debuts in the 22.1 live launch against Noah Ohlsen.

Wodapalooza 2022

Repeats as winner of the Wodapalooza. He shared the podium with his compatriots Samuel Cournoyer and Alexandre Caron.


ROGUE Invitational

Finishes 2nd, 80 points behind Justin Medeiros.

CrossFit Games 2021

After a start with a 35th place that was reminiscent of 2018, Patrick Vellner again gets a second place finish in the CrossFit Games 2021.

Vellner crossfit games 2021
Vellner second Games 2021

Won the Atlas Games online semifinal, which earned him a ticket to the NOBULL CrossFit Games 2021.

Withdrawal of Fraser

He dedicated an emotional Instagram post to. Mat Fraser for his withdrawal from competitions. It read as follows:

Dear Mat Fraser, thank you.

Thank you for being a good friend.
Thank you for being a fierce competitor.
Thank you for pushing me and making me improve.
Thank you for welcoming me to the sport in 2016.
I always enjoyed every second of our time on the ground together and am saddened that it has come to an end. Now I will have to treasure the memories.
Selfishly, seeing you leave the sport makes me sad, but I couldn't be happier for you.
Congratulations on manifesting your destiny. Maybe someday we will have another dominant male champion, but there will not be another like you.
Now go get fat and enjoy everything you've worked so hard for.
I love you man, I miss those sweaty hugs already.


He fails to pass the first online phase of the Games and therefore does not participate in the face-to-face phase at the Ranch.

In that year he managed to be the Open champion worldwide and won the Wodapalooza.


CrossFit Games 2019

He missed the final Games cut-off that reduced the field to just 10 athletes. His final position was 16th.

He was expected to be the only one capable of standing up to Fraser after the Canadian won the Wodapalooza again and 2 second places at the ROGUE invitational and Dubai Fitness Championship.


Patrick Vellner falls at Battle Ground

One of the most memorable moments from the CrossFit Games 2018, was the fall suffered by both Mat Fracer and Patrick Vellner on one of the event, the Battle Ground. Fortunately, despite the seriousness of the fall, the Canadian received medical assistance without any further inconvenience to continue competing in the week's challenge.

vellner o course fall

Vellner brands

Movement / WODStats
Back Squat206 Kg
Clean170 Kg
Clean & Jerk161 Kg
Snatch131 Kg
Deadlift270 Kg
Max Pull-ups / min64
Filty 5020:16
Sprint 400m1:06
5k run18:50

CrossFit sports achievements

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsWorld Open
20222nd Atlas Games69º
20212nd ROGUE invitational
1st Wodapalooza
20201st ROGUE Invitational
1st Wodapalooza
201916º2nd ROGUE Invitational
1st Wodapalooza
20181st East
20172nd East11º
20163rd East
201520th in Team5º East548º

Vellner has always been very involved in the world of sports and his background is gymnastics. For him, CrossFit has always been his way of escape during his studies and the way to feed his great competitiveness.

He started training in the sport in 2013. His first year at the Games was as a team in 2015 with Team CrossFit Plateau 2.

From here, he participated as an individual in 2016 and 2017, placing third.

In 2017, he placed 4th, but after obtaining the anti-doping results of the athletes, they withdrew the medal of third to Ricky Garard.

Vellner was unable to enjoy his moment of glory on the podium on the day the 2017 Gamess closed, but Dave Castro personally presented him with his well-deserved medal at the Invitationals of the same year.

After two years in third place, the athlete has shown that he has not reached the podium by chance. At the regionals of this 2018 season, he has made it clear that he comes with all the desire to crown himself the Fittest On Earth, after winning the CrossFit Open.

Michele Letendre is Vellner's coach

Veteran ex-athlete Michele Letendre is currently Patrick's coach. Athletes that have been trained by Letendre include such well-known names as the Hungarian Laura Horvath and the French national champion Willy Georges.

About Vellner

Vellner's philosophy of life is very different from what we are accustomed to from other athletes such as Mat Fraser or Rich Froning.

With well-known slogans such as Fraser's "hard work pays off" emphasizing all the dedication he puts into the sport. His whole day revolves around his training hours, his nutrition to perform well, his breaks that allow him to train again.

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Froning famously said "what is Rich doing?", referring to the fact that the athlete is training most of the day.

Vellner seems to make the opposite case and argues that a different approach works for each person because each person is different.

The fact of having to focus on the his chiropractic studies has made him have this other perception: train at high intensity for as long as you can dedicate to it, and when you are out of the box, disconnect and enjoy something else.

Time efficiency over volume.

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