Lukas Hogberg

Lukas Högberg is a CrossFit athlete who ranks as the third fittest man in the world.


Age: 27 
Place of birth: Sweden
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 96kg

Lukas sports results

201414º2nd (Europe)50º
201530º4th (Meridian)79º
201614º5th (Meridian)52º
20176th (Meridian)26º
20183rd (Europe)90º

Högberg misses 2017 Games 

The 2017 Meridian Regionals held in Madrid were a hard blow for the athlete. Lukas Hógberg finished 6th just a few points behind Lukas Esslinger who qualified 5th and lost his place for the Games. The athlete had been participating in the "CrossFit Olympics" for 3 consecutive years and had to see how he was left out.

The athlete himself explains how hard it was to receive that blow but that he learned to grow in the face of adversity. We can confirm that this has really been the case, because in spite of their absence at Games 2017The following year, 2018, he has achieved his best place in this competition by finishing 3rd.

Högberg finished all 14 of the 14 events in the 2018 CrossFit Games with exactly the same number of points as Brent Fikowski. Dave Castro announced the tie by proclaiming Lukas as the third place winner because he had been the winner in one of the previous events on the day of the final. With that criterion, the athletes broke the tie and Hógberg was able to enjoy his best sporting result to date.

A curious fact during the award ceremony of the Games, Högberg climbed for the first time in his sporting history to the podium in this competition and did so with a Swedish flag. The athlete raised it with great enthusiasm despite the fact that the size of the flag was very small for what we are used to in these scenarios.

2017 Dubai Fitness Championship

That same year the Swedish athlete applied for the DFC and we could see his performance. During the first events Lukas made very good marks picking up the first places. But throughout the competition either the rest of the events didn't favor him or the athlete couldn't keep the pace and fell off the podium picking up a 7th place.

lukas hogberg

About Högberg

We all recognize Lukas as an athlete sponsored by two major multinational brands, Nike and RedBull.