Aniol Ekai

Aniol Ekai is a Spanish CrossFit athlete who has won the Open in 2022 and has been second "Fittest in Spain" on 3 occasions.

Age: 24 (1998)
Height: 186 cm
Place of birth: Pamplona
Weight: 94 kg
Instagram: @aniolekaib
Affiliate: CrossFit Zarautz
Programming: Training Culture

Photo by @digitalfreedomfilms


Picsil Pamplona Arena Games

Latvia's Uldis Upenieks snatched the top spot in the last event of the competition. Both starred in one of the highlights as they finished their final rep of overhead squats and raced across the finish line.

Several people explain that live it seemed that Aniol was the athlete who crossed first and touched the black pivot. However, in the briefing they explained that the finish was touching the red carpet and after reviewing the videos, they could verify that Upenieks was the first to step on it.

Both athletes finished with the same points but the tiebreaker went to Uldis.

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Aniol discovered that he was losing first place right at the awards ceremony and could not hide his face of disappointment.

aniol ekai result picsil pamplona


Participates in the division of teams of 3 together with Fabian Beneito and Frenchman Guillaume Briant finished in 7th place.


What does Nuru Dabai mean?

For some time now, Aniol has been using the term "Nuru Dabai" as an emblem. And although many may think that it comes from anime because he has declared himself a fan of several, the reality is different.

Aniol explained the meaning in the Meet & Grit podcas.

When he arrived in the Basque country, Aniol asked the Training Culture team to teach him some Basque for when he gave classes, and they told him "Nere burua oso haundia da".which meant "My head is too big.". Aniol tried to remember it and repeated Nuru Dabai.

When they were in Miami, to motivate himself, Mike would tell him: "Va! pull out Nuru Dabai!" Since then he has used these words to identify himself.

Dubai Fitness Championship

Good start of Aniol in his second time participating in this competition. In the steeplechase he was 7th. However, in the deadlifts he was 16th, his worst result of the whole weekend, finishing the first day 9th overall.

aniol ekai dubai

9th, 5th and 11th on the second day placed him 5th overall. 6th, 5th and 7th on the last day. wodkept him in 5th place at the end of the competition. TOP10 in all but one 11th and one 16th place event, Aniol proved to be a consistent athlete with few weaknesses.

A 5th place that brings him a prize of 5,000$.

He injures his hamstring in a local competition just a few weeks before participating in the Dubai Fitness Championship.

ROGUE Invitational 2023

He participates in the Qualifier and manages to finish in 6th position. However, he is heavily penalized in wod 3 for a dubious rep. The CAP is applied at that moment and the rest of the wod is invalidated, something excessive. His new score brings him down to 22nd position, out of the 6 places.

Madrid Championship 2023 as a team

He participates in the team division together with the English Tayla Howe, and the French Claudia Gluck and Guillaume Briant. They finished in 2nd place.

aniol ekai team madrid championship 2023


Despite acknowledging that he felt he was in the best shape, Aniol finished the Europe Semifinal in 22nd position. Behind Martin Cuervo 18º and Fabian Beneito 11º.

His best result was 2nd in event 4, with 290lb / 132kg deadlift. snatch PRwhich a priori was counted as 280 lb. After claiming, he was awarded the 290.

aniol ekai snatch semifinals


Finishes as winner of the Open in Spain.


Dubai Fitness Championship 2022

6th overall in the most important competition in which it has participated.

The first event began with a spectacular second place in the ascent of the Burj Khalifa and was secondeven though we thought he had been first, in event 5.

However, 4 events outside the top 10 left him with no chance of a podium finish.

Madrid Championship 2022

Finishes second in the first competition to be held again in the Caja Mágica.

He won the last wod which catapulted him from 5th to 2nd place. There was controversy in the last wod due to the execution of his DBs. Thrusters and David Shorunke3rd place, made his complaint public on Instagram.

The youtuber Andrew Hiller shared a video with some of the problems with the judges.


He does not participate in individual Quarterfinals to do so in teams, however, his team is eliminated before participating in the Team Quarterfinals for not meeting the eligibility criteria.

Open 2022

He achieved first place in the Spanish individual rankings.

Wodapalooza 2022

Compete in an elite team with Alexander Anasagasti and Pablo Cazalis in 7th position.

He participated in both competitions in Madrid. He is 7th individual in the Madrid CrossFit Championship and 2nd in team where he made his debut with teammates Sara Alicia Fernandez, Helena Avendaño and Martin Cuervo.

Programming change

He starts 2022 by announcing that he is changing his training program. He leaves 77feet in Blanes and moves to the Basque Country to train with the Training Culture team.


Wins the Fittest Freakest Challenge.

Finished 13th in the Semifinal Online German Throwdown becoming 2nd Fittest in Spain 2021.

Passed the 2021 Quarterfinals cut-off in 51st position.


Participated in the Sanctional Norwegian CrossFit Championship and placed 17th.

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpen
2022-Wodapalooza 7th Team
Madrid CF 7th
Madrid Challenger 2nd Team
1st Spain
2021-Fittest Freakest 1st
Online German Throwdown 13th
3rd Spain
2020-Norwegian CrossFit 17th2nd Spain
2019-Enfit Games 1st17th Spain
2018-69º Spain

Personal stats

Movement / WODStats
Back Squat205 Kg
Clean163 Kg
Clean & Jerk160 Kg
Snatch132 Kg
Deadlift250 Kg

First time in CrossFit

In February 2017 he resumes training, but it is not until May that he does so with more regularity and commitment.

In 2015, he tries it again, and again he lasts 2 months.

His first WOD was in 2013. He signed up during the summer months with the goal of supplementing it with soccer and then quit.

Before CrossFit

At the age of 15, he started playing soccer.

He started judo at the age of 5 and reached blue belt.

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